From Missiles To Helicopters: US Says 20 Countries Offer New Arms For Ukraine

Some 20 countries offered new security assistance packages for Ukraine to battle invading Russian forces in a meeting of allies on Monday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced. In their second gathering, nearly four dozen countries and organizations forming the Ukraine Defense Contact Group met online to discuss helping Ukraine, and 20 nations pledged مزید پڑھیں

Ukraine rejects concessions as Russians attack in east and south

Ukraine ruled out a ceasefire or any territorial concessions to Moscow as Russia stepped up its attack in the eastern and southern parts of the country, pounding the Donbas and Mykolaiv regions with air strikes and artillery fire. Kyiv s stance has become increasingly uncompromising in recent weeks as Russia experienced military setbacks while Ukrainian مزید پڑھیں

Ex-US president Bush calls Iraq invasion ‘unjustified’ in ‘brutal’ faux pas

Former US President George W Bush mistakenly described the invasion of Iraq as “brutal” and “unjustified” before correcting himself to say he meant to refer to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Bush made the comments in a speech during an event in Dallas on Wednesday, while he was criticizing Russia’s political system. “The result is an مزید پڑھیں

US ‘confident’ in Nordic NATO bids, Ukraine holds war crimes trial

The United States said Wednesday it is confident Finland and Sweden will become part of NATO, despite vocal Turkish protests — an expansion that would dramatically realign European security in the wake of Russia s invasion of Ukraine. Reflecting the brutality of the conflict which has reinvigorated the transatlantic alliance, Ukraine held its first war مزید پڑھیں